ArmIt Consumer Solutions - designed from the outside in. When creating, we focus on the user experience first. Offering consumers simple to use devices that require no complex programming or technical degree to setup operate or manage.

Professional Service Contractors

ArmIt Professional Service Contractor Solutions are focused on delivering technology solutions that consumers need and make your business more profitable and efficient. We have solutions for Industrial, HVAC, Security, Electrical, Plumbing and Smart-Home contractors

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ArmIt Entrepreneur Solutions provide an instant platform to deploy your Internet of Things (IoT) device. You design and create and we can provide the network, applications and connectivity to deploy.

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ArmIt Insurance Solutions have been on our dartboard since day-1. While designing products and services insurance company verticals were top of mind. We understand what it takes to be a world-class service provider and have a suite of products that help mitigate loss in residential, industrial, commercial auto and marine applications.

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Manufacturers | Retail

ArmIt Retail-Manufacturer Solutions paramount criteria are to provide service provider solutions for your IoT devices or legacy connected products. If you make bricks that connect we can provide wings for them to fly or create recurring revenue services for your solutions.

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Government | Education

ArmIt Government Solutions- We are building SmartGov solutions that help schools, law enforcement, municipal, state and large government run more efficiently, mitigate loss and avoid catastrophe. We provide off the shelf solutions that are instantly deployed and provisioned.

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